Alphonso David Named One of New York’s Top Black Leaders by Crain’s


The Global Black Economic Forum announced today that President and CEO Alphonso David has been named one of New York’s most notable Black leaders by Crain’s New York Business.

Crain’s notes that “Black New Yorkers make up nearly a quarter of the city’s population and can be found across its most vaunted industries. Crain’s sought to recognize exemplars of leadership not only at the office but also in their communities in this first edition of Notables for 2023”

“I’m honored to be recognized as one of Crain’s New York Business’s Notable Black Leaders. I have dedicated my career to representing and serving historically marginalized communities, and fighting for the people of New York is a foundational part of that mission,” said David. “The battle to advance civil rights at home and across the globe is the challenge of our lifetime, and I will continue devoting every part of myself toward that goal.”

Crain’s writes:

“The Global Black Economic Forum’s mission includes reimagining equity and inclusion in corporate America. Through the GBEF, David heads the Social and Economic Justice Policy Foundation, which analyzes systems and policies to determine how they can be operated more fairly.

Drawing on his experience as a steadfast advocate for civil rights, David continues to further the advancements he has already won for New York and beyond.

In addition to the accomplishments listed by Crain’s, while serving as Counsel to the Governor of New York, David amplified equal opportunity labor policy and socioeconomic justice reform, played a lead role in drafting and championing the Workers Compensation Reform Act and the Paid Family Leave Act. He worked on criminal justice reforms to curtail isolation cells and solitary confinement, legislation to stop prosecuting minors as adults, executive action to restore voting rights to parolees, and a program to employ formerly incarcerated individuals.

As Special Deputy Attorney General for Civil Rights for the Office of the New York State Attorney General, David spearheaded civil rights investigations and affirmative litigation, including employment and housing discrimination, fair lending, immigration, reproductive rights, and anti-bias claims, improving the state of New York as a home for Black people. David also gave the Black LGBTQ+ community a seat at the table as the first Black leader of the Human Rights Campaign.

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The Global Black Economic Forum is a convener of business executives, policymakers, entrepreneurs, activists, and consumers globally to advance equity for Black communities. Through the Global Academy for Advancing Excellence, GBEF is a leader in corporate equity and inclusion strategies. Through the Social and Economic Justice Policy Foundation, GBEF works with leaders across sectors to collaborate and solve problems. By convening intimate to large-scale gatherings — including acclaimed entrepreneurship tracks at the Essence Festival of Culture — GBEF empowers communities to reimagine the future for the Black diaspora.