GBEF Global Business Summit 2023

Convening of Business Leaders at 2023 ESSENCE Festival of Culture

Thursday, June 29
10:00am - 3:30pm CT

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GBEF Public Convention

Friday, June 30 - Sunday, July 2

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It’s time to usher in a more dynamic and equitable future for all

The Global Black Economic Forum is dedicated to elevating and advocating for Black and marginalized communities around the world through thought leadership, global summits, workplace training, leadership development, and policy advocacy.

Nobody wins in our current system

Today, marginalized communities experience relentless disparities in the most important measures of economic well-being including equal wages, job benefits and career growth opportunities.



of Black workers work in frontline jobs such as service workers, laborers, operatives, and office and clerical workers.



lower median annual wage is paid to Black workers compared to that of white workers.



of all venture capital funding goes to Black founders.

Our approach to economic inclusion

We provide a multi-dimensional offering built to target the structures and systems that stand in the way of economic justice.



Turning conversation into action

We unite business executives, policy makers, activists and entrepreneurs from around the world to give voice to the most important economic and social issues facing marginalized communities and identify clear actions to illuminate an equitable path forward.

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The New Orleans Summit 2023

Featured Speakers

Kamala harris
vice president of the united states of america

Madame President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Former President of Liberia

Linda Thomas-Greenfield
United States Ambassador to the United Nations



for advancing


It’s not training. It’s transformation.

Creating an inclusive world does not need to take decades. We can help build inclusive leaders now. We believe long-lasting, transformative learning starts at the top and engages senior leadership, managers and employees at every level of the organization to find equitable solutions that help the business and culture thrive. It's time to move from intent to impact. 
Real solutions. Real results. Real transformation.

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Advancing policy and systems change for marginalized groups.

We work with organizations and governments from around the world 
to address economic injustices facing marginalized communities by creating more equitable and inclusive systems and policies.

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The Global Black Economic Forum is a dynamic, multi-faceted platform committed to reimagining what diversity, equity, inclusion and opportunity looks like in Corporate America, as well as actualizing the notion of economic justice for the Black Diaspora.  The Forum engages business executives, policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists and consumers globally on thought leadership; corporate and entrepreneurial career development; and advancing social and economic justice for marginalized communities.