Making economic justice a reality for marginalized communities around the world.

Now is the time to come together to recast our future. We must organize against systems that uphold racism, right historical wrongs, and actively choose a more equitable and dynamic future for all.

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Our approach to economic inclusion.

We provide a multi-dimensional offering built to target the structures and systems that stand in the way of economic justice.

We turn conversation into action.

We continue to encounter structures and systems from every part of society that make it more difficult to create Black wealth. From equal wages and job benefits to career growth opportunities, marginalized communities experience disparities in the most important measures of economic well-being.

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The Global Black Economic Forum is a dynamic, multi-faceted platform committed to reimagining what diversity, equity, inclusion and opportunity looks like in Corporate America, as well as actualizing the notion of economic justice for the Black Diaspora.  The Forum engages business executives, policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists and consumers globally on thought leadership; corporate and entrepreneurial career development; and advancing social and economic justice for marginalized communities.  


Join our community of people fighting to end economic injustice around the world. Get updates and learn ways to take action in your community today.

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