The Global Black Economic Forum and the Academy for Advancing Excellence Announce the Launch of the E-Suite App


E-Suite is an innovative platform providing professional development and coaching to  support to the next generation of Black and Brown business leaders. 

The Global Black Economic Forum and its global leadership development company — The Academy for Advancing Excellence, which seeks to empower Black and Brown people and historically underserved communities to build leadership success — are proud to launch E-Suite, a digital coaching platform focused on the professional development and career needs of Black women and other members of marginalized groups. The app offers an ideal user experience and a seamless, transformational coaching journey through personalized one-on-one coaching.

“E-Suite provides access to world-class coaches who are able to create the optimal conditions for behavioral change and transformation. The app ensures coaching is available to professionals  from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds.  Historically, these are the same professionals who  disproportionately lack access to sponsorship, mentorship, and coaching opportunities. This app connects leaders with  coaches from shared backgrounds who are experienced in successfully navigating the business world; it’s a game changer“ said Chief Operating Officer of the Academy for Advancing Excellence Aaliyah Haqq

“E-Suite coaches will provide career planning and advancement services to create the foundation for users to evaluate their current career roles and envision future roles. Users will have the support they need to be held accountable to their goals and aspirations. We’re thrilled to have a platform that will help individuals take ownership of their knowledge gaps and learn to consistently apply learned skills.” said President and CEO of the Global Black Economic Forum Alphonso David 

E-Suite coaches and beta testers include Dr. Kimberly Ellison, Dr. Demoine Kinney, Dr. Marita Kinney, Kendra Tillman, Rhapsodi Pierre James,  and Chelsea Spencer Smith.

The E-Suite app will be available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store this fall.

About the Academy for Advancing Excellence

The Academy for Advancing Excellence is a subsidiary of the Global Black Economic Forum. The Academy is a global leadership development company dedicated to reimagining equity, equality and inclusion. The Academy provides training that drives behavioral transformation, coaching, consulting, thought leadership, and research. The firm has earned a reputation for advancing inclusion through innovative and positive disruptive solutions that address policies, systems and culture. At the core of the solutions is a focus on building accountability so real results can be sustained. The Academy seeks to shift how the workplace is experienced by ultimately shifting how institutions address and are held accountable on issues of equity and equality. 

About The Global Black Economic Forum 

The Global Black Economic Forum is an international enterprise focused on advancing the economic interests of the Black Diaspora and other marginalized groups through global summits, workplace training and leadership development, policy advocacy, and thought leadership.