The Forum utilizes several pillars to advance its mission.

The Academy for Advancing Excellence
The Forum manages a global academy and multi-prong technology platform that serves as a change agent and catalyst for transformation for individuals, institutions and societies around the world.  Through training, thought leadership, data and research, and disruptive culture and media programming, the academy seeks to empower Black people and other historically underserved communities to build new and sustainable capabilities for leadership and success across industries and transform how institutions address and are held accountable on issues of equity and equality.
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Social & Economic Justice Policy Foundation
The Forum formulates, evaluates and advocates on social and economic justice policy issues affecting Black and Brown communities and other marginalized groups through a partnership with New Voices Foundation.  The Forum’s foundation work is focused on breaking down systemic and oppressive systems that have been created and sustained to discriminate against and further oppress marginalized communities.  The strategic foundation focus is tailored regionally, but the principle it is challenging is global — the systems, policies and programs that govern our lives should be operationalized fairly for all of us.
Summits & Conferences
The Forum hosts global and regional conferences — from Accra, Ghana to New Orleans, Louisiana— tailored to advance equity for the Black community and other marginalized groups.  The Forum creates spaces to unite leading business executives, policy makers, activists and entrepreneurs by curating an insightful mix of interactive panels, dynamic speakers and immediate calls to action to advance equity for the Black community and other marginalized groups.  Operating at the intersection of economic parity, healthy equity, educational equality and equal justice in our collective fight, the conferences illuminate a collective path forward.